Design is one of the most important stages in the construction of the central-industrial gas system. The design process helps to calculate the technical specifications carefully, as well as the selection and layout of gas appliances to suit the needs and functions of the system.

With a high technical background and many years of experience in the field of design – construction of gas system, gas tank, central gas system for many restaurants, hotels, buildings, supermarkets, Toan Phat is proud of being a professional unit in the field of industrial gas system design consultancy in Vietnam.

Design preparation process:

Learn customer needs
Field survey, actual measurement
Discuss with customers about the selection and layout of equipment.

Design process

Stick to the needs of your customers
Select and arrange appropriate equipment
Always consistent design with the owner and other contractors before production

After completing the design:

Consultant for construction site, items to be constructed, gas appliances, gas pressure regulators used
Layout drawing equipment, detailed construction drawings.
Unified plan & construction time.

Industrial gas system design standards:

– Ensure fire safety
– Compliance with state standards
– Control gas consumption & save gas
– Fully meet the needs of the kitchen
– Suitable for space & kitchen area
– High aesthetics.

We look forward to giving our customers:

Basic concepts and knowledge of industrial gas systems
The importance of safe gas systems
Issues to consider during installation
Calculating Capacity, selecting the right equipment for your needs & investment costs.
Distinguished & equipped with good quality equipment, ensuring safety

For professional gas systems you should not skip the design stage. The calculation of materials and equipment used, as well as layout plans help us to be more active in the process of construction, to avoid errors or wasted unnecessary during construction.

If you are looking for consultancy, design, construction and maintenance of industrial gas systems, please contact NTB for the best advice: